Wednesday, April 14, 2021

2022 6+ Secrets to Achieving a Successful Career

Success requires effort that can't come like magic and as fast as lightning. There is a process and a hard struggle to achieve it. However, you don't need to be afraid and never give up to pursue success. Well , for those of you who want to be successful in your career , here are the secrets that you might start applying.

1. Allow yourself to fail 

Failure is painful but it is actually the path to success. Chanie Wilschanski, a leadership coach for early childhood, says pushing yourself out of your comfort zone helps us develop new skills and encourages us to take more risks. "You are slowly starting to feel more comfortable with this 'fail forward' process. You may not win but you are still moving forward," he said. Promise yourself once a week, you will try something new, so that you are not afraid of failure. For example, try putting aside your introverted nature and joining forces with other coworkers for lunch. Well , you can do it at least once a week. You can also try asking your boss about certain tasks you can do. "If your efforts are not successful, try to view this as a way of opening up second chances instead of failing," said Wilschanski. Once you accept that the results may not be what you hoped for, you will have the freedom to try new things. It even starts to develop in an area that used to be a weakness in you. Read: Don't be afraid to beat yourself up when you fail 

2. Ask coworkers for help before superiors

 When you come across a very tough task, maybe you will immediately think about asking your boss for help. However, you should ask for ideas from colleagues first before asking for suggestions from your boss. After that, then you submit the idea to your boss. This method will allow you to recognize the strengths of your co-workers and increase cohesiveness in the team. It will also add value to your boss's eyes. "When there is a promotion, you are on the 'radar' of your boss as someone who is a hard worker and a great worker," said Wilschanski. 

3. Friendly to colleagues 

Colleagues are not competitors but they are your team. Working with a team encourages others to move forward as best they can, bringing better ideas and a more enjoyable workday. "It gives the boss a lot of joy. Companies feel different when their employees are friendly to each other," said Wilschanski. For starters, according to Wilschanski, as much as possible you should guard against profanity. Then, you can try to invite your coworkers to have lunch together or offer to help when a coworker is having a hard time. Read: People who are enthusiastic about getting up early in the morning are more successful 

4. Don't be afraid to look weak 

"The reason people are afraid to ask for help is they are afraid to look incompetent," says Wilschanski. If you're stuck in trouble, asking for help can be the only way to move forward. To get a boost without feeling weak, try approaching your coworkers or boss with solutions instead of just asking questions. "Do all the work you can before asking for help and come up with some ideas to showcase your creative thinking," says Wilschanski. 

5. Giving ideas during the meeting 

If you are an introvert, you may hate to speak up in meetings. It is natural to be nervous when speaking in front of many people. But, don't let that nervousness get in the way of all the brilliant ideas in your head. "The quietest people usually have the brightest ideas," said Wilschanski. So, in order to make it easier for yourself when submitting your opinion, Wilschanski suggests that you ask your friends for help to create a session or provide time so you can express your ideas. For example, if you are in a meeting to discuss a project that you are very interested in, ask the coworker to say that you have a bright idea in front of everyone in the meeting. Give yourself the opportunity to prepare all the things that make you look strong in front of people. 

6. Learn how your coworkers want to be appreciated 

Showing appreciation increases the morale of the team and encourages them to continue to do better. Saying 'thank you' is a start, but knowing how everyone likes being 'acknowledged' can make you stand out in their eyes. "Some people like it when everyone applauds them in a meeting, while others prefer to hear a compliment spoken in person," says Wilschanski. Then, if your coworker likes to be given compliments personally, you can try giving them small surprises such as giving them a cake as an appreciation for their achievements. Read: Don't be stingy about compliments of coworkers